Vacillating Dances

by No Place For The Dead

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4'33" 04:32
Extra 1 04:04
Extra 2 02:45
Extra 3 05:15
Extra 4 05:31



Use a decent pair of headphones or home audio system. You’ll need something that can reproduce 20-50 Hz. About half of each song is located in that region of sound. It's bad enough that these are MP3 files (let me know if you want a free CD for slightly less crappy audio fidelity!). Your piddling ass smart phone or laptop speakers aren’t going to cut it. Don’t try to turn the bass up in your EQ settings, that won’t help. It will only make the bass frequencies you do produce louder and woofy. Actually, you should probably put all your EQ controls to center.


Song 1: B, G, G, G

There were nauseous musical instruments, stringed, brass, and wood-wind, on which St. John and I sometimes produced dissonances of exquisite morbidity and cacodemoniacal ghastliness.


Song 2: B, G, Beagle

Azathoth must forever remain asleep. If it awakes, this blind idiot god will just as likely destroy existence as it will do nothing. The chaos will continue to spin and cycle, ebb and break; it must go on. The pipes must continue. The strange calls must never cease to always calm its calamitous stirrings before it wrests itself from slumber. (kipofu mjinga mungu)


Song 3: B, B, G

They command me in my dreams. It only makes sense for a moment, but I must obey them regardless of how well my memory and mind serve me.


Song 4: B, G, G

He wears no mask!


Song 5: B, G

I saw myself as a tool, stirring a pool of terror and transgression. I saw out of the corner of my eye one of the pig-men retrieving a bucket of the slurry, but I could not pull my eyes away from me. I was captivated by the sight. Strange questions came to mind.


Song 6: B, B, G

I shuddered oddly in some of the far corners; for certain altars and stones suggested forgotten rites of terrible, revolting, and inexplicable nature and made me wonder what manner of men could have made and frequented such a temple.


Song 7: B, B

Along the shore the cloud waves break,

The twin suns sink behind the lake,

The shadows lengthen…Carcosa


Song 8: B, B, B, G

A hymn for the Great Priest as he rests beyond death; may we sing in our sleep to this Great Old One, until he rises from his dark home under the waters and again brings the earth beneath his sway.



The only cover song I’ll ever do. 

I’m still trying to decide if I want or like drums in my music. I don’t hear drums in my head; therefore, I’m not sure how to write them. They seem intrusive to me; why is there a single percussion instrument in a team of strings? The four extra tracks at the end of this album, after my John Cage cover, are my attempt to get into percussion. I will not pretend to know what I’m doing on drums.Unlike the other parts in my songs, I cannot play the drum parts all the way through. All drum tracks are me playing, but are a composite for completion. 


Song titles are what you need to play the song.

B= Electric bass

G= Electric guitar

Beagle= Beagle type hound dog


released January 1, 2015

Angelo J. Bovara
a Heavy Record production


all rights reserved



No Place For The Dead Arizona

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